Technical and creative experience since 1992 at your fingertips

I have been a qualified working nail technician since 1992. Over the years I have done additional training & have been mentored by award winning technicians. Have mentored other technicians particularly in creating a safe & less toxic work environment. I fully guarantee my work for 2 weeks.

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Full Set Gel

Extensions add additional length without waiting for the natural nail to grow. Extensions are usually created by a sculpture form & reinforced with silk mesh to give you the most natural looking, durable & custom fitting extension, tips have never looked this real. Highly suitable for nail biters.

  • Natural look, French or Colour gel nails $110
  • Nail art, glitter french etc additional cost


Initial coating of natural nails with gel to strengthen to encourage & maintain natural nail growth (no additional length created)

  • Crystal Clear gel nails $85
  • Natural look, French or Colour gel nails $90

Regular Refills

Both overlay & full set extension nails require a regular refill maintenance to address regrowth or any repair or lifting issues & to keep your enhancements in tip top condition. Length of time between refills varies between individuals, being influenced by, length, width & shape of the natural nail, oil & moisture content of the natural nail, age, medications, nervous habits & level of activity of the hands.(3-4 weeks wear is average)

  • Natural Look, French or Colour gel nails $85
    (with glitter add $2.50)
    (with sequins add $2.50)
    Example; French refill$85 + performed with glitter($2.50) + and sequins($2.50)= $90
  • Mylar or Shell chip refills $95
    2 repairs included, additional repairs add $2.50 each.

File & Resurface


  • nails may be shortened & re-surfaced with ‘Super Shiny’ top coat sealer.
  • the ideal treatment between refills to extend wear. 1 repair included, additional repairs $2.50

Individual Repairs

from $12

Nail Paint

With regular standard nail polish on fingernails or toenails as stand alone service) $30

Nail Art

per nail from $5

Gel Nail Art


Removal of gel or artificial nails

includes Essential Manicure) $65

Temporary Tips

Ideal for one off events, do not require refills, soaks off with acetone.

  • Temporary Tips, includes painting $85
  • High School Student Tips (school I.D. card must be produced) $75

P2 Gel Polish

  • a hybrid between nail polish & permanent colour gel to be used to finish a manicure or pedicure service (other brands include CND Shellac, Harmony Gelish)
  • dries instantly & shiny like a gel, shoes can be worn immediately following a pedicure.
  • looks like nail polish
  • does not need refilling, soaks off with acetone in 15 minutes.
  • does not contain sensitizing ingredients like Hydroxy Methyl Methacrylate, Hydroxy Propyl Methacrylate. No acrylic monomers like Ethyl Methacrylate.
  • The only gel polish on the market NOT containing these ingredients.
  • Up to 3 weeks wear on a manicure & up 4 weeks on a pedicure
  • all Gel Polishes do not add length or extra strength like a refillable gel or acrylic nail
  • to maintain the condition of the natural nail, proper removal procedure must be followed
  • As a stand alone service, finger nails $55
  • As a stand alone service, toe nails $55
  • With a Deluxe Manicure additional $20
  • With a Deluxe Pedicure additional $20

Natural Nails

Essential Manicure $35

  • includes, clip, file, & shape of nail & cuticle tidy & nail buff (no polish)
  • suitable for men & kids too.

Deluxe Manicure $55

  • includes clip, file & shape of nail, cuticle tidy, hand exfoliation/masque, hot towel, hand massage, choice of clear nail treatment or french or coloured nail polish. (finished with P2 add $20)
  • Deluxe Manicure and Pedicure package $100
  • (P2 finish additional)

Feet Treats

European Pedicure $75

  • European pedicure machine treatment to smooth & remove corns, callouses & improve cracked heels, warm aromatherapy foot bath (stainless steel with no jets to ensure hygiene standards), toenails clipped, filed, shaped & buffed, cuticle tidy, callus reduction, exfoliation & massage. Toe nails buffed natural (ideal for men & kids) or standard polish in french or colour as desired. (finished with P2 add $20)

Semi-Permanent Colour or French gel toes (overlays and refills) $65

  • toenails are overlaid & refilled just like finger nails
  • 4weeks plus wear before refills required (6-8 weeks is average)
  • *Gel toenails and Pedicure package $95


A scalpel or other blade (corn plane) is never, ever used during a foot treatment. To do so is to violate Brisbane City Council & Health Department regulations. The only person to safely & legally do so is a licensed & registered medical practitioner or podiatrist.

A cheap pedicure at an unregulated salon using these blades puts you at risk for contracting serious & possibly life threatening blood borne pathogens such as HIV & Hepatitis. Please ask yourself is saving a few dollars really worth the risk.

All nail services use a complete set of clean sanitised equipment for each & every service. A brand new nail file is used & then disposed of. All metal implements are cleaned, disinfected & then sterilised in an autoclave.

My pricing reflects my experience, technical training, creative flair, technology of product and level of hygiene and health and safety for your complete nail experience.

I have credit card & eftpos facilities.

My working days/hours;

Monday 10am - 7pm
Tuesday 10m - 7pm
Wednesday 10am - 7pm
Thursday 10am - 7pm
Friday - closed
Saturday - closed
Sunday - closed

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